The DC GROUP, spol. s r.o. is a solely Czech company founded in 2005. The same year it became a member of TCM GROUP International, the largest world network of collection agencies operating worldwide since 1987, with central management in Belgium. On Oct. 14, 2006 the DC GROUP, spol. s r.o. invested in TCM and became one of the shareholders. Today the whole group offers 2,500 collection specialists and provides complex services in the area of debt recovery in 149 countries.


List of historical events:

1.10.2005    Foundation of the DC GROUP, spol. s r.o.


14.10.2006  The DC GROUP, spol. s r.o. becomes a shareholder of the world number one in debt recovery - TCM GROUP International (www.tcmgroup.com). TCM GROUP International was founded in 1987 in Belgium. Today it offers 2,500 collection specialists in 149 countries.



17.5.2007    The DC GROUP, spol. s r.o. was placed second from among collection agencies from 144 different countries in a list focusing on the success rate and quality of services provided in the area of debt recovery.

25.7.2008    The DC GROUP became a member of the most prestigious global association - ACA International (www.acainternational.org), which associates professionals from the area of debt recovery and provision of credit information. This association will admit only such entities which strictly observe the given collection procedures and adhere to the Code of Ethics.