Company research


Thanks to the unique OCTOPUS system a user may immediately check any economic entity in the CR.

How does OCTOPUS work?

  • After entering the Company Registration No. or the name of the company, Octopus will gather valuable information about the given economic entity in the CR (legal as well as physical entities) in a matter of seconds.
  • It will search several free or paid-for sources, purchased and regularly updated databanks and its own information sources.
  • It will place the information into logical blocks and evaluate it.  

What information does it contain?

  • Debts with health insurance companies (updates 1x month)
  • Petitions in bankruptcy (updates 1x day)
  • Insolvency (updates 1x day)
  • Final accounts (supplemented monthly, up to Dec. 31, 2008, a total of 423,261 final accounts available)
  • Debtor database (contains over 230 thousand entries)
  • Distraint on property of the checked company (updates 1x month)
  • Distraint on property of shareholders (updates 1x month)
  • Comparison of entities within the industry (analysis of 93,215 entities)
  • Links between economic entities and persons
  • Insolvency Register (updates 1x day)
  • Monitoring of Czech daily newspapers
  • Monitoring of press releases
  • Land Register
  • DCG-score (objective evaluation of the economic entity and its ties)
  • Risk limits (the highest recommended supplier credit)
  • Etc.

How much does the information cost?

Individual information is not paid for. Each user may use an unlimited quantity of information. A payment is required for entering the Octopus system. Please contact us. We will gladly send you our price conditions. 


Try out the Octopus system demo-version
Username : visitor
User password : octopus



A user may order the researching of an economic entity from more than 150 countries.

How does the service operate?

The user will himself select how quickly he needs the given business information. The output information in the target country is always processed by the agency, which provides the top quality and current information from the given territory. The price of the processed information depends on the speed of the information supply, which the user selected, and the specific country. The payment is made after the supply of information. The information is acquired from 47 international information agencies (e.g. IGK AG, INFORMA SA, Creditinfo, Integra Information, ICAP, Graydon, EXPERIAN INFORMATION SOLUTIONS, INC., DTB DIS TICARET BILGI MERKEZI, CRISTAL CREDIT, Dun&Bredstreet, CREDIT REPORT®, COFACE, Creditreform, BYINGTON, UC AB, etc.). 


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