Debt recovery

  • Out-of-court settlements 

  • debtor and debt analyses 
  • 1st reminder 
  • 1st pro-active telephone call 
  • searching for other contacts if the existing contacts are non-active 
  • 2nd reminder  
  • 2nd pro-active telephone call 
  • making use of co-operation with financial institutes 
  • personal meetings in the registered office of the debtor, business premises, place of residence of statutory representatives, at the employers' address - etc. 

The out-of-court process is usually implemented within 3 months. If the client so requires, it is possible to set an individual procedure. 

  • Court proceedings 

In the case of court, arbitration, bankruptcy, insolvency or enforcement proceedings, a client of the DC GROUP is represented by internal lawyers of the DC GROUP and before courts by a renowned legal office. Experienced lawyers work at reduced rates. The DC GROUP will hand to the lawyers the chronological genesis of the cases and will ensure the submission of all documentation. 

  • Arbitration proceedings 

The DC GROUP specialises in the realisation of debts via arbitration proceedings, where it applies accelerated enforcement. Within 3-4 months the creditor will obtain an enforceable arbitration award. The creditor will save the fee for filing an action. Moreover, the action is prepared for a special reduced fixed sum. .

  • Enforcement proceedings 

In the case of distraint the execution of the decision is performed via private distrainers, who are named in the enforcement proposal. The distrainers themselves then decide on the method of enforcement within the legal limits and moreover, they arrange all the necessary acts in the given matter.  The DC GROUP distrainers do not require advance payments and they work for a reduced rate. Moreover, the enforcement petitions are prepared for a special fixed sum. .

  • Direct and indirect buys 

Debt purchase is performed individually after assessing the soundness of the given debt portfolio. 




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