Do you buy debts? What is the price range?
The DC GROUP is also engaged in buying individual debts as well as the whole debt portfolios. The price is influenced by several factors. Before pricing the debt (assessment of its soundness) it is necessary to analyse the situation of the debtor and the method of securing the given debt, moreover we need to know the amount and age of the debt. On the basis of this evaluation we will let the creditor know if the debt is sound enough to be purchased and at what price.

My customers are bad payers. I would like to recover the debts, but I do not want to lose my customers. How will you deal with this?
At the beginning of the recovery process you yourself will determine, whether the debt which you want us to recover is due from an important business partner or not. Depending on this type of information, we then select the appropriate recovery option:

VIP or SOFT - is applied for customers that you do not want to lose  
HARD - is for a customer, who you will not trade with in the future or with whom you engaged in a one-off deal

We obviously recover the debts within the limits of the given country. 

Will I really pay nothing, if your company cannot help me?
You will really pay nothing. We charge our fee only if we collect the sums owed to you.