Legal services


The DC GROUP has at its disposal 2 legal teams. One consists of 3 internal lawyers and the second is made up of 5 selected lawyers of the renowned legal office - Gürlich&Co. Standard acts (actions to be lodged with an ordinary court, actions to be lodged with arbitration courts, enforcement petitions, requests for admittance of claims for insolvency proceedings - etc.) and usual legal analyses are performed by the DC GROUP lawyers. Representation before courts, legal analyses of more complicated cases and the arranging of special acts are performed by lawyers of the legal office Gürlich&Co. (petitions for the initiation of insolvency proceedings, petitions for preliminary measures and actions to set a transaction aside - etc.).

Each legal act performed via the DC GROUP is always prepared by a lawyer of one team and checked by a lawyer from the other team. This control system guarantees legal services at a high professional level.

Thanks to the large number of cases and systematic solutions, experienced lawyers work at reduced rates. If there is a very low probability of a successful result, then we will advise the creditor not to pursue the legal settlement of the matter. In this way we will save the creditor's further expense and time.

Content of legal services: 

  • Legal analyses of the case - Evaluation of documentation and proposals of further legal steps (recommendation of pursuing or not pursuing a legal course of action). Lodging an action with an ordinary court - Before preparing the action for an ordinary court, the creditor will be notified about the number of hours which will be necessary to prepare the action and the action will be worked on only after the written approval of the creditor. Each step is consulted in advance with the creditor and its performance is carried out only after the written consent of the creditor. Representation before court takes place also in accordance with the above given rate. 

  • Lodging an action with an arbitration court - Possible representation before court (less frequent option) is provided for at a reduced rate. 

  • Lodging an enforcement petition - In the case of distraint the execution of the decision is performed via private distrainers, who are named in the enforcement proposal by the DC GROUP. The distrainers themselves then decide on the method of enforcement within the legal limits and moreover, they arrange all the necessary acts in the given matter.  The DC GROUP distrainers do not require advance payments and they work for a reduced rate from the recovered principal. Moreover, the enforcement petitions are prepared for a special fixed sum. The fee for the distraint performance by clearing out a flat, or non-residential premises amounts to CZK 20,000.00 and the overall remuneration of the distrainer will include the sum corresponding to the cash expenses of the distrainer and VAT at the rate prescribed by law.  

  • Submission of petitions for the initiation of insolvency proceeding - Before preparing the petition for the initiation of insolvency proceedings the creditor will be notified about the number of hours which are necessary to prepare the petition and the petition will be worked on only after the written approval of the creditor. 

  • Requests for admittance of claims for the insolvency proceedings. 


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