Online Debt Analysis

By completing the following form you will submit the debt owed to you to us for analysis.

1) We will perform the analysis of the debt or more precisely of the debtor in question (making use of a total of 27 data sources).

During the analysis the following facts are checked: Distraint on the property of the given entity, or more precisely distraint on the property of the given persons, debts with health insurance companies, economic results, records in the debtor databases, payment ethics, ties to affiliated economic entities, history of possible recovery, Companies and Insolvency Registers, Trade Licensing Departments, CEE Register, Land Register, drawing subsidies, debts with electricity distributors, debts with telecommunication companies, media monitoring etc.

2) We will inform you about the possible methods of dealing with the debt:

    - the debt can be recovered out of court and what percentage we charge as our fee
    - the debt can be recovered only by legal proceedings and under what price conditions
    - the debt is sound enough that it can be purchased and at what price
    - the debt can only be registered within the insolvency proceedings and at what fee
    - possible other options of recovery

If you are not yet our customer, after submitting the form you will be contacted by our consultant in the appropriate region, who will inform you about the further steps necessary.