Products and Services

Company Research - Octopus system for on line company research
It will check any economic entity in the CR,  gather and evaluate information from 27 sources in a matter of seconds. It will minimise the risk of the occurrence of uncollectible debts, considerably cut the costs of the controlling of customers and prepare business people for meetings quickly and perfectly.

Company Monitoring - Non-stop Octopus system

This concerns the fully automatic daily monitoring of information relating to the selected economic entity.

Complex Risk Identification
Division of customers into six risk groups. Indication of whether or not it is possible to provide supplies to the given customer on the basis of an invoice. Setting or improving credit limits for individual customers.

Debt Recovery
Out-of-court settlement of debts -"COLLECTIONS MADE IN COMPANY PREMISES", out-of-court settlement of debts - "COLLECTIONS MADE OUTSIDE COMPANY PREMISES", debt recovery by court, direct and indirect buys, enforcement proceedings, special financial  operations, debt administration, consultancy for debt management, consultancy for liquidators and receivers in bankruptcy.

Possibility of extending terms of payment to customers, securing of risks of unpaid accounts receivable, debt collection, debt records, court settlement of over-due receivables, alternatives for selecting payment terms.

Legal Services
The DC GROUP has at its disposal 2 legal teams. One consists of 3 internal lawyers and the second is made up of 5 selected lawyers of the renowned legal office - Gürlich[&]Co. Standard acts (actions to be lodged with an ordinary court, actions to be lodged with arbitration courts, enforcement petitions, requests for admittance of claims for insolvency proceedings -etc.) and usual legal analyses are performed by the DC GROUP lawyers. Representation before courts, legal analyses of more complicated cases and the arranging of special acts are performed by lawyers of the legal office Gürlich [&] Co. (petitions for the initiation of insolvency proceedings, petitions for preliminary measures and actions to set a transaction aside - etc.).

We arrange the preparation and implementation of systems of long as well as short term training of company employees and also private persons in the form of public training seminars and tailor-made-training courses.